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Machine Learning

Garbage In, Garbage Out

아무리 완벽한 알고리즘 모델을 구현하더라도, 좋은 품질의 데이터를 갖추지 못하면 머신러닝의 수행 결과는 좋을 수 없습니다.


We are

에이치큐브는 알고리즘 모델 구현은 물론이고, 각종 센서를 통해 데이터를 수집하고 분석하여 시스템을 학습시키기 위한 최적의 데이터로 가공합니다.


최적의 데이터로 학습된 시스템을 통해 부품의 수명, 고장 등을 미리 판단하여 고객님의 시간 절약과 불필요한 지출을 피할 수 있게 도와드립니다.


Machine Learning Data Acq System

Customer : BAT

Software: LabVIEW, Python

- BAT is a world-renowned tobacco producer, building a machine learning-based product management and product line maintenance system.
- They wanted to solve the problem of production stoppage due to frequent breakdowns in the production line.
- Hcubed provides DAQ and Machine Learning System for Condition Based Maintenance.


Wire Bonder Predictive Maintenance System

Customer : Semiconductor Test House Company


- Wire bonder, an essential equipment in the semiconductor field, currently uses more than 90% of foreign equipment, and periodic parts replacement is also costly.
- After accumulating learning data through the data measurement system, we are developing a system that aims to reduce the maintenance cost of the system by developing the most suitable machine learning model through analysis to identify the performance degradation outcome of the equipment.


Tele Haptic Auto Recognition Model

Customer : ETRI

Software: Machine Learning, Sensor Data Measurements & Actuator Control.

- Hcube developed a Tele Haptic system upon request of ETRI.
- By measuring the sensor data developed by ETRI, classifying the touch through the machine learning model, and operating a small actuator according to the classified results to make users feel different vibrations.
- The technology will continue to be studied in the future.


Solenoid Valve Controller Diagnosys

Customer : KIMM, Automotive Valve Company Joint Task

Software: Machine Learning, Auto Test Program

- The vehicle solenoid valve is the most important part because it is used for driving and stopping the vehicle.
- Hcube has developed a system that not only determines a simple defect in the solenoid valve controller but also infers and diagnoses the type of product defect.

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